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The Potential of Technology to Transform Maternal and Newborn Health

How can technology potentially transform the field of maternal and newborn health (MNH)? A 2010 Pacific Health Summit plenary session, "Technologies for MNH: Innovation, Creation, and Delivery," proved an exceptionally rich discussion about the creativity of, and potential for, modern technologies to transform maternal and newborn healthcare in developing countries. The session explored ideas and challenges from the wide variety of perspectives found among a diverse group of high-level stakeholders. Participants hailed from science, industry, policy, academia, and medicine, sectors that do not often coalesce around the theme of maternal and newborn health.

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2011 MDG Goals Report

The Millennium Development Goals 2011 was released on July 7 and serves as a yearly assessment of the progress being made toward the MDGs. The maternal health section begins on page 28 (PDF Link)


Better Midwifery Could Save Millions of Lives

"Public health advisors and practitioners are not relying on the key health professional that can improve maternal mortality - the midwife," said Vincent Fauveau, Senior Maternal Health Advisor with UNFPA, who led the drafting of the report.

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Malaria Vaccine in Clinical Trials in Africa

The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative is conducting clinical trials of a malaria vaccine in sub-Saharan Africa, with hopes of WHO approval by 2015. Read the story here.


Dr. Kamath Published a Review of Interventions to Reduce RDS Mortality

Low-technology interventions have potential to significantly reduce mortality associated with RDS in low-resource settings. Dr. Kamath a published review of interventions to reduce RDS mortality conducted as part of the MANDATE project in Pediatrics.


Pediatrics.2011 May 2. [Epub ahead of print]

Neonatal Mortality From Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Lessons for Low-Resource Countries.

Kamath BD, Macguire ER, McClure EM, Goldenberg RL, Jobe AH.