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Malaria Vaccine in Clinical Trials in Africa

The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative is conducting clinical trials of a malaria vaccine in sub-Saharan Africa, with hopes of WHO approval by 2015. Read the story here.


Dr. Kamath Published a Review of Interventions to Reduce RDS Mortality

Low-technology interventions have potential to significantly reduce mortality associated with RDS in low-resource settings. Dr. Kamath a published review of interventions to reduce RDS mortality conducted as part of the MANDATE project in Pediatrics.


Pediatrics.2011 May 2. [Epub ahead of print]

Neonatal Mortality From Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Lessons for Low-Resource Countries.

Kamath BD, Macguire ER, McClure EM, Goldenberg RL, Jobe AH. 


The Global Health & Innovation Conference

April 16 -17 - The Global Health &  Innovation Conference will be held in New Haven, CT to focus on global health, entrepreneurship and innovation in meeting global health needs. As one of 200 presentations on evidence-based global health, Dr. Doris Rouse will present the “MANDATE: Defining Maternal and Neonatal Products and Needs”.  (More information here:


The Lancet Stillbirth Series

April 14 – The Lancet Stillbirth Series, includes six papers, two articles, and eight comments focusing on the issues surrounding stillbirth. Dr. Robert Goldenberg and Elizabeth McClure, members of the MANDATE team, participated in developing the series. Dr. Goldenberg led the final paper which called for unified action to reduce stillbirth. (Series available at the Lancet Medical Journal:


Frontline Health Workers Coalition Launched

Sixteen non-governmental organizations have joined together to champion the frontline health worker, often the first point of contact for child and family health care in low-resource settings. For more information on this important cause, please visit:

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